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Selecting A Contractor

By Ted Mechnick
Split-Rok Construction Company

Stamped Concrete is a product that can achieve the natural look of stone, brick, slate or cobblestone using colored stamped concrete. Generally these installations can cost 50% less then the conventional application, which would be laying the material in a bed of mortar over a concrete slab.

Today we can create almost the same effect using concrete that has been colored and stamped with the desired impression and once completed can be sealed to keep it looking great for years.

After being in the business of installing concrete for the past 25 years and stamping concrete for 16 years, it has become clear to me that people who are choosing to have stamped concrete installed make their decision to use this product with little or no information and, therefore, are limited in their decision making process.

As in other instances of purchasing decisions there are differing schools of thought as to how to select the best product for the best possible price. Most of us proceed through the decision making process simply by shopping price, talking to friends, reading reports on the item we would like to purchase, etc.

Although these are good ways to feel comfortable about your purchase, they alone are not enough to insure that the stamped concrete that you are going to have installed will be done properly.

I have written an article that gives you ten guidelines that need to be addressed in selecting a stamped concrete contractor (or in most cases any kind of contractor related to work on your home). These ten items are what I believe will cut your chances dramatically of getting a bad job.

A good stamped concrete job might cost more than a conventional concrete job, but the benefit is the increased value to your home. I know that these guidelines will help you select a qualified Stamped Concrete Contractor. It is my hope that you will use these guidelines to make your selection, so that the stamped concrete you have installed will look and perform as it should for many years to come.